Services for managing you fleet

Below you can find short services description that we provide to our customers in the field of vehicle fleet management
Below mentioned services are not all we can offer, and for all demanding or specific services that you need you can contact us ar any moment and request additional information by phone, email or online form.


Car Fleet Management d.o.o. offers to all of our clients a free consulting services for fleet costs optimization, and therefore at initial contact we propose next steps:

  • In depth analysis of existing fleet effectiveness indicators
  • Making of fleet replacement proposition with accent on adjusting the fleet to actual taxation conditions on the market for vehicles used for business purposes, as well as future legal and environmental directives and EU recommendations
  • Replacement of depreciated fleet with the new one that is adjusted to all needs and possibilities.
  • Through the of model selection criteria to lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions for the “benefit of the fleet” (for vehicles assigned to employees to use 24 h) – suggest:
    • The “downsizing” of engines in order to reduce the average fuel consumption (selection of appropriate motor 1,6 / 1,7 lit. instead of 2.0
      lit. with lower specific consumption per mile);
    • choice of “eco” engine with lower CO2 emissions (below 130 g / km according to the EU by 2015.): eco / blue efficiency / blue motion / Eco
      FLEX engines, as well as harmonization of the fleet in order to future emission reductions
  • Advising the company in making “footprint – green footprint” & “CO2 emission” regulations for the fleet of light commercial vehicles, including the creation of a platform for a detailed strategy of introducing models with low pollution and reduced specific fuel consumption (“green fleet”, ie engines low-emission and low mpg parameters,
    the introduction of hybrid EV – electric vehicles, etc.).

In case of existing fleet replacement need with new vehicles, we shall assist the client in placing existing vehicles on the market and selling them at the most favorable market prices on used vehicles market.

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Completely individualized analytical approach to clients needs and wishes, using extensive vehicles and related services market and in coordination with the client we adjust client’s needs with actual market conditions to achieve best invested/gained ratio, as well as cost reduction using legal and tax deductions and advantages.

In cooperation with leading leasing companies we are able to provide complete solution for vehicle fleet financing at the most favorable conditions on the market.

Using the extensive analysis as well as incorporating rich car fleet management and financing experience we create custom made solutions to optimize vehicle exploitation costs (so called TCO – total cost of ownership) and make the best economical settlement of wishes and real needs.

Upon completion of the analysis of the client receives optimum formed fleet in terms of relations between the total cost and the technical and functional needs.

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Our service fleet management of the company, is available for all vehicles, no matter if they are owned by companies or vehicles are financed
through leasing.

In cooperation with leading leasing companies we are able to provide complete solution for vehicle fleet financing at the most favorable conditions on the market.

At the client request we can take over already started negotiations with leasing companies, and assure the best possible conditions.

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We entirely take over the control over the registration and insurance processes, and regular annual renewals for those.

In cooperation with the leading insurance companies on the market we provide custom made solutions and insurance costs with maximal cost optimization.

We take over the negotiation process for TPL, KASKO and passenger insurance policies.

Benefits for the client:

  • The client no longer has to take care of contract and renewal insurance policies. All vehicles are fully insured for the entire duration of the contract.
  • The amount of vehicle insurance is an integral part of the monthly cost of a fleet management.

Also, we take complete care of the periodic technical inspections, about the fulfillment of all legally prescribed conditions and documentation needed for delivery and start using a new vehicle for the entire period of the contract.

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We control the entire process of vehicle delivery, including the preparation of the vehicle with all mandatory documentation and equipment

At the client request we can provide additional services of vehicle equipping and branding according to client’s corporate rules.

Users get the vehicle completely prepared and equipped ready for immediate use and exploitation.

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We manage all processes and events that are related to vehicle maintenance, regular and extraordinary repairs, and by taking over the entire risk of unexpected repairs costs we ensure the client predefined known maintenance costs.

Maintenance management service includes the cost for entire vehicle maintenance process, regular and extraordinary, all consumable materials for the management period (brake pads, engine fluids, consumables, wiper blades…) regardless of their quantity for the normal usage conditions and for contractual mileage.

All vehicles during the management period are maintained only in authorized car fleet management service workshops using original spare parts and materials recommended by the manufacturer.

Our expert team controls all operations and maintenance costs of vehicles, both, normal and emergency maintenance, ensuring complete control of all actions of the vehicle and their accuracy and safe use, and the large volume of procurement ensures the most competitive conditions and prices in the market, directly affects the lower cost maintenance packages.

Our professional team is continuously monitoring actual mileage restrictions, and if indications of deviations, given to proposals for amendments of the management contract, to harmonize the contractual parameters and thus avoid large discrepancies at the end of the contract.

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Tire management service includes additional tires, related to the management period and contractual mileage.

This service includes beside tire cost, the cost for seasonal change and storage out of the use season.

Our consultative approach and using appropriate dimensions and categories of tires, significant savings are possible in this area.

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Replacement vehicle service provides users mobility at all times by using replacement vehicle of predefined category in case of need for it:

  • major repairs
  • damages and similarevents
  • theft

This service is contracted for the certain number of days for the period of use. There is a possibility to use this service by “Pool of days” principle.

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Our own road assistance service, that is available 24/7/365 at toll free number, includes mobility assurance and help in all situations when you are not able to use vehicle managed by Car Fleet Management at normal conditions.

This service is available to all users, regardless on the vehicle brand and category.

Service “road assistance” can be arranged for all the countries of Europe (outside of Serbia, the call is realized in a particular fixed number, the caller who speaks Serbian, no matter from which country the call is made).

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We completely take over the damages processes:

  • Damage processing with the insurance company
  • Repair negotiations and conduction
  • Damage clearance
  • Vehicle return

During the period of repair of vehicles, we ensure the mobility of the client or user of the vehicle, with a replacement vehicle.

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VIP services – specially designed and tailored to customer needs:

  • “Door To Door” service
    • This service assumes vehicle tak over and return to perform actions on the vehicle such as maintenance, registration, tires and similar.
  • Other custom services upon costumer request
    • For our customers we are able to perform and organize a variety of other VIP services with prior arrangement with the customer.
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All of our clients are able to get all information about their vehicles, services and other information by simple toll free phone call.

All calls are systematically recorded and processed in our system, and it is easy to get various reports on requests and calls made to
our call center and to track all cases.

Using call center vehicle users can easily arrange a workshop schedule, tire replacement, request Door-To-Door service or just get simple info on services included into their contract.

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To all our clients we provide regular reporting about their fleets, and provide an extensive insight into their fleet situation and predicted actions that are very beneficial in business decision making.

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All of our clients have an access to our CRM system and monitor in real time all relevant information about their fleet:

  • See details on individual contracts
  • See details on all submitted cases
  • Create new requests and cases, including requests on reports, information and similar
  • See and print all issued invoices
  • Download a number of predefined reports on their fleet
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